Our Program

Group and Individual Therapy 

Master Level Therapists and Specialist in the Field
Adventure Therapy - Adventure therapy allows participants to take calculated risks and explore personal issues in a safe, supportive environment under the guidance and support of mental health professionals.



Equine Therapy 

Strengthen the desire for self-improvement as well as offer personal insight into behaviors. Horses mirror human emotions, they provide immediate feedback through non-verbal cues. With the assistance of a licensed therapist and an equine professional, the horse and human bond forms and individuals are able to use these clues to better understand themselves and their feelings. Horses are extremely sensitive to changes in human behavior, reacting based on a person’s emotional state. In theory, serving as a biofeedback machine

Nutritional Therapy and Wellness 

Nutritionally treating the body as a whole, Massage, Yoga “Mind and Body”

Emotional Core Strengthening and Team Building 

Working on the emotional core helps us feel solid and confident which then allows us to face situations not only within our recovery but learn to deal with others in a cohesive and productive manner.

PHP – Day/Night

This program is an overall treatment plan designed specifically for the individual who is newly into his or her recovery. Five days a week an intensive program that consists of Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Activity Based Therapy, Health/ Wellness, Healing You will participate in a hand-selected variety of groups that are tailored to your individualized treatment needs, as well as weekly individual therapy. You are involved in the design and customizing of your program that is unique to your personal situation and journey.

OP - Outpatient Program

Our outpatient treatment program gives clients a chance to put their new recovery skills into practice. They go out into the world and encounter challenges and triggers that come with everyday life while getting support from clinicians and peers in a safe, nurturing environment. This can help them feel more confident as they transition back into life after treatment.

IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program

Group Therapy three to five days a week depending on the individuals needs and progress in their recovery program, Weekly Individual Sessions, Advanced Group Therapy Application, Life Skills, Help with resumes, job searches and interview preparation. Groups are available in day and night to allow for individuals to obtain employment, engage in social activities and apply their recovery knowledge in day to day situations. Nutrition education and cooking instruction, Practice managing a budget and shopping conservatively, Onsite and offsite support group meetings, Relapse prevention work.